SQL-Statement para usar la list de valores pnetworkingefinidos como una tabla SQL

Tengo una list de identificadores. ej. (1, 2, 10). ¿Es posible usar esa list como una tabla en Oracle?

Quiero decir algo como eso

select * from (1, 2, 10) as x, some_table where x not in some_table.value 

 select to_number(regexp_substr(str, '[^,]+', 1, level)) ids --put your comma-delimited list in the string below from (select '0,12,2,3,4,54,6,7,8,97' as str from dual) connect by level <= length(regexp_replace(str, '[^,]+')) + 1 minus --here comes select from some_table select level from dual connect by level <= 10; 

Puedes usarlo con construcción

 with x as ( select 1 as v from dual union all select 2 from dual union all select 10 from dual ) select * from x, some_table where xv not in some_table.value -- <- or whatever condition(s) requinetworking 

Puedes hacer esto con una subconsulta:

 select st.* from (select 1 as x from dual union all select 2 as x from dual union all select 10 as x from dual ) t left outer join some_table st left outer join on st.value = tx where st.value is null;